Saturday, June 30, 2012

Keeping busy!

Well, I have to say that I intended to post more on this blog than I have been.  It seems life is really happening at our household!  I have been watching and reading and listening to my homesteader friends and they are all pretty concerned regarding our economy and the way our country is headed.  It has caused me to re-think my spending priorities and I have been spending a great deal of time, stocking up on food, toiletries, etc, in case of what the future holds.  I have dug out my pressure canner, canning jars, purchased a new deluxe dehydrator and have been enjoying putting up fresh fruit, vegs and meats.  Since we downsized last year, it has been a challenge to find room to organize and store all of these items, but I am thinking I need to deepen my pantry in case our economy continues to spiral downward.  I already have tons of quilting supplies and fabrics, so all is good at Home Sweet (Quilting) Home!

And of course, I take time to enjoy my sewing and quilting!  I have had several orders for extra large baby changing pads. I will add those pics later.  I made matching rattle toys, too.  I am thinking of selling on Esty.  Any thoughts on this, anyone?  I could really use an income, however small it might be.

Also, I received an order for a baby quilt using a vintage Care Bear sheet.  I decided to try a "rag quilt" and fussy cut the Care Bears.  This is what I ended up with:

As you can see, I decided to put it on 'Point' which I always have trouble figuring out how to cut the corners.  I searched and found the figures I needed and fiddled to make it all come together.  I liked the way it turned out and hopefully the new owner will like it also!  Hope you like it, too!

PS.  don't tell!  It is a surprise gift!!

Quilting hugs,

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lots of stuff to update!

Life gets so busy and complicated, doesn't it?  I always say I LOVE 'boring' days, weeks and months, since that means nothing bad is happening.  LOL!  Our lives are rarely 'boring', but we go forward, day-by-day trusting that God has a bigger plan than we can imagine or visualize.  And knowing that it will all work together for our good, as God has promised, is such a comfort!

I really don't understand how so many bloggers out there create quilt after quilt in a couple of month's time.  I am thrilled if I get two hours a day to work on my projects.  How do they do this??  And do they realize how lucky they are? :)

Anyhow, I wanted to share what I've been up to in my "spare" time  and I finally have a couple of minutes to do just that!

Last Christmas, I made lots of gifts.  I decided to make POTHOLDERS for everyone using orphan blocks I had and I had dozens of those from past exchanges.  I cannot seem to locate any pictures of those!  Some were birdhouse blocks, some cat blocks, etc, etc.  They turned out pretty good and were appreciated by the recipients!  You can never have too many potholders!  

I came across some darling pre-cut squares of Care Bear fabric at Tuesday Morning. I think they were only $3.99 for a super huge stack!  So I just had to make something with them!  I decided to make a scrappy quilt for granddaughter, Grace, for her Christmas present.

I decided to make big 4 patches......
and then set them on point.....
I think it turned out pretty good.  It made a HUGE quilt, much larger than I was figuring.  I guess I really did not figure anything out.  I just started sewing and when all the squares were used, I stopped!  LOL!  The quilting took quite a bit longer than I had anticipated, since I don't know how to 'free-motion' quilt but wanted to quilt in on my new Juki.  I liked the end result.    Most importantly, Grace loved it. 

I made a matching pillow with two fat quarters and scraps I had, too.  

Did you know that the Carebear stuffed animals are no longer made and available?  I had no idea until I went to buy one to put with the quilt.  I had to buy a 'vintage' one on Ebay!  
It all worked out, although I cannot believe they stopped making them!

I also worked on several baby toys for new grandbaby Luke.  And can you believe it?  I did not take pictures of those!  Doh!

My current projects?
Currently I am working on hand-quilting the quilt shown here:

and still working on appliqueing the hundreds of circles needed for my version of this "Yoyoville" quilt pattern. 

The pattern can be purchased here

I am making a queen sized version, so I guess I am either a glutton for punishment or love to applique!  I takes almost 300 circles just for the center design!  And then I will start on the appliqued houses on the borders

I also have begun sewing and selling extra large baby changing pads.  They are 20"x24", backed with heavy, padded vinyl, padded with batting.  I will post pictures later and will put some up for sale on ETSY.  They have been selling well by word of mouth and becoming a little part-time business which I have wanted to do for a long time.

Thanks for letting me share my sewing projects!  
Happy Quilting~

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Quilt Show!

Yesterday I was able to attend the Road to California Quilt Show held in Ontario, CA  with my sweet daughter!  Took quite a few pictures, and will try to share some of them with all of you.  Seems like the majority of the quilts on display were art quilts rather than pieced quilts, which are my favorites, but all the quilts were spectacular!  Is there a limit to how many I can download?  
We shall see....
Guess who I saw/met?  
Eleanor Burns of Quilt in a Day !

OK!  That is NOT really Eleanor Burns, but this was a cute display  in her booth.

HERE is the REAL Eleanor Burns, teaching and sharing....
and she is as sweet as can be, just like you see her on TV!

And now for the quilts..... your own personal quilt show....

In no particular order....

Makes you want to get home and get to quilting, doesn't it?
Hope you enjoyed the show!
Quilting Hugs,