Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Visiting Old Friends

Some of My Best Friends are Quilts

I found a few pictures of quilts I have made over the years.  It caused me to reminisce some and seeing the pictures put a smile on my face.  By the time I have completed a quilt, it has become like a very dear friend.  For those of you who quilt, you will understand what I mean.  I have spent many, many hours, sometimes hundreds of very intimate hours with that quilt. I might have shed a few tears and perhaps even some blood in the process of designing, cutting, pinning, basting, and hand-quilting it.  Some of these ‘friends’ I have kept, but most of them have been given away to someone I love.    I always hope that the person who receives the quilt will realize how much I deeply care about them.   I am glad I took pictures of the quilts (or the recipients did) so I can always remember them.  Some of the pictures are attached below.
Machine pieced, hand appliqued and hand-quilted.  Made for our first grandchild, Grace in 2009.

Cleopatra Swap 2001
Machine pieced, hand-quilted

Not such a great picture of the quilt, but the best I have.  This was a twin size kitty quilt presented to Dr. Yang for a raffle quilt.  Dr. Yang has a wonderful healing non-profit ministry and was instrumental in my daughter's healing from a chronic illness (Lyme disease). Machine pieced, hand-quilted.

Gabriel's baby quilt presented 1998.
Hand pieced and hand-quilted This picture was taken this week. It has been well used for over 12 years 
and 5 kids!

As I locate more pictures of my quilt friends, I will add them.  Hope you enjoyed seeing them.



karenfae said...

love your quilts Linda - I have been thinking of what to do with some small pieces and those pinwheels look great - maybe sometime I will do one of those.

Julie Fukuda said...

I love this visit with quilts of the past. Although I have kept a diary of many I have made, quite a few have escaped without having a picture taken. My youngest son set up my blog to take care of that problem. New friends have been a happy consequence plus a lot of inspiration.

Linda V said...

Thank you, Julie and Karenfae! I am glad you enjoyed seeing my older quilts. Now I just need to find pictures of all the rest. If nothing else creating this blog should help me document all the quilts I have made, so their memories don't become lost! Karen, I frequent your blog all the time and it is such an inspiration. Julie, I am off to see yours right now.

LaDonna and Diana said...

Thanks for sharing pictures of your quilts! Really pretty! It's nice to revisit them, isn't it?