Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Yard Sale Finds!! Woo Hoo!

Yard Sale Finds!

Woo hoo!!  Love it!  Love it!  Love it!!  Do you ever go to yard sales?  Well, we just did a major downsize, moving from a 4 bedroom house to an average sized 2 bedroom apartment, so we have no business going to yard sales, but hubby loves to do this on Saturday mornings.  It is a hobby of sorts for him.  We usually go to about 6-10 sales and rarely buy anything, unless it is a super duper bargain and something we need.  No room here for decorative trinkets.  Well, today I feel like we hit the sewing jackpot! 

My bargain deals at three different yard sales:

BRAND NEW in package, Warm and Natural, Queen size batting!
AND  a bag of purchased “by-the-yard” Warm and Natural batting, approx 2 yards


AND.... these pieces of quilter's cottons that range from 2 yards to 4 yard pieces
50 cents each piece!!


AND this large oval quilt hoop that says:  A product of the Gibbs MF (some #’s – can’t read)  I had to cover up parts of the quilt for the picture. (sorry), since it is my SECRET quilt that I am working on!  It cannot be revealed until November, after it is presented.
$1.00 !!


AND these two spool holders, hand-painted by the previous owner
$1.00 ea!!
 Aren't they so cute?  Hand painted by the previous owner!

I am pleased as punch!  Can’t beat those prices, unless they had given them to me for free! 


Also, an update on the Cowboy quilt for baby Luke.  I am finishing up the binding!!  Yeah!!  I will post a finished picture of it after I present it at the baby shower on October 8th.  I am really looking forward to giving this one.  It is the most difficult project I have ever done.  Appliquéd faces are just not my “thing” even those that are cartoon-like.  (no surprises, here!)  I think it turned out pretty cute, but I never want to do another one, that is for sure!

Also I had some left over cowboy fabric so I made a changing pad using the fabric on one side, some warm and natural batting inside and then some heavy navy blue plastic on the other side.  I think it looks nice and hopefully will work good!

Happy Quilting,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Deadline and a Name?

A Deadline 

How do you handle a quilt deadline, or any deadline for that matter?  Well, I usually set about a plan and am finished long before the looming deadline.  Today, I have a quilt deadline.  I need to have my little cowboy, grandson quilt completed and presented on October 8.    I started the design process one month ago today.   I have been drawing,  making patterns, measuring, sewing, cutting, marking like a mad woman and finally have the quilt basted and ready to quilt.  I usually take my time in this process, enjoying each segment.  One month for the whole thing!  For me this is a record!  And one week I was without a sewing machine!  Now, only 3 weeks left according to my self-imposed deadline and all I need to do is machine quilt it.  I have never machine quilted before, so this might present the ultimate challenge.  We shall see.  Then on to bind it, wash it and wrap it! 

And a name?  ….

Our son and precious DDIL have decided on a name for our grandson!  Can you guess what it is?  Three guesses….


I just KNEW you'd be able to guess it! :)  LUKE!

Not sure how I will quilt it.  I must make it easy, since I have no idea what I am doing.  I am thinking of outlining everything and then diagonal stitching around.  I know, not very exciting, but I will just be so happy if it turns out!   Think I’ll take a look at some other blogs for inspiration!

Happy Quilting!