Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Juki Exceed F600 and a dilemma


Well, after much research (weeks, actually and many, many hours), reading reviews, searching online, I decided on a Juki Exceed F600 for my new and much needed sewing machine.  It was within my budget and did everything I needed in a sewing machine and more.   I phoned around and visited several sewing machine stores and no one in my local area carried the Juki.  Two hours away, in San Diego county,  I located a store that carried Juki's: Sewing Machines Plus in San Marcos, CA.  I spent a couple of hours with a sales woman and finally made the decision to purchase one.  Keep in mind, this is my first new machine since my purchasing a Janome Jem Gold in 1998!  Since we were staying out of town, I was unable to un-box or set it up until two days later, so you can imagine how excited I was to set her up!  And then imagine my disappointment when I discovered as I un-boxed it,  that the machine sold to me appeared not to be perfectly new!!

The Exceed comes with an extension table and the box it was in had been obvious re-taped.  AND the table had some red scuff marks on the top of it.  There were some other indications the sewing machine had been out of the box, including a missing accessory out of the accessory box!  I immediately phoned the store and spoke to my salesperson and after another day of waiting, the owner of the store denied the box was ever opened. (at least it was unknown to him).  So they asked for pictures, which I sent.  Another day with no response.  I don't feel I should pay retail for a 'used' machine, yet now, I am having to prove what I am saying is true.  It also had a sticker on the outside of the box, that it had been at a quilt show that was a few weeks ago. I had intended to post a glowing report about this shop, since I was sure I was going to be jumping with joy over my new Juki, but because of this dispute I cannot, in good conscience, recommend this store.  Also, the bobbin winder is not working correctly and I have been promised it is an easy fix, that can be done over the phone.  However, it has been two days, and I have yet to receive the call from the service person, so I can fix it.  I am not a happy camper right now.  :(  Why does life have to be so difficult sometimes?

Quilting hugs,


karenfae said...

that doesn't sound like good service. I hope you can get the matter settled - they certainly shouldn't have said it was new with a tag on the box from a quilt show! it was used from the sound of it. I guess we all need to learn from this and if it is a box to open it at the store and check it all out before leaving!

Linda Coleman said...

Linda, so sorry to hear of your bad experience. After looking forward to getting your new machine and then to be so disappointed. Hope you can get it sorted out.

Stray Stitches said...

You are certainly more patient that I would be. I would be on the phone at least a couple times a day until everything was resolved to my satisfaction. I hope everything works out for you. How frustrating to have what should be a joyous event be marred by poor customer relations.

Anonymous said...

Sry for your troubles w/them. I have a quilter that has been having issues w/the bobbin winder. All they have done is try to put off getting it sent back. Scott has called but tries to tell me he doesnt understand it because it has a separate motor. REALLY? No motors cause issues? It seemed to work alright when I had spoken w/him but then it doesnt work. Lots of others have had issues after the money starts going in & free shipping? What a crock! Free shipping means u can send it back "free of charge". With sewingmachinesplus, u have to pay for shipping if u return it back without the repair shop's authorization. Well, Im going to send it back & either they can assist or I WILL be contacting the owner & complaining! If he refuses to assist me, I will be contacting my attorney general & their attorney general & file ocmplaints. I hate being like this. They have been nice but when there r any issues w/machines & u get nothing but prolonging so they dont have to take the machine back, then it's time to file complaints. I was told by the repairman to call back in a cpl days. It's the day prior to thanksgiving & they obviously arent in. That's fine but they should have said several NOT a cpl!!
Sry for the ranting & raving but I will be doing something about it just as u should. The attorney general WILL do something if there r enough complaints.