Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Sewing Machine Is Here!

UPDATE regarding my sewing machine dilemma : 

I got my NEW sewing machine today shipped UPS, from Sewing Machines Plus.  This time the box was completely different in how everything was packed inside.  It was obvious that this one had NOT been opened prior:  strapping plastic all around the outside, everything was packaged and sealed in clear plastic, sewing machine needle was wedged with Styrofoam, silica package was attached with packaging tape.  All completely different then the first time around.  No marks on anything.  No smudges.  Just beautiful!  The machine seems to sew great, although I have only done one test of straight stitches.  I am thrilled I got a new one and got a fresh start!  Woo hoo! Now maybe, just maybe, I can get busy sewing on the cowboy quilt!!  Only 6 weeks before it needs to be finished!

Cowboy Quilt Progress

Here is my current progress on the cowboy quilt:  All pieces are traced, cut and ironed in place.


The quilt top is laying on the floor to photograph.  It is square and straight, even though the picture shows the grass crooked, it is not. 

I did have a couple of problems.  I have a problem with the hand on the left side.  The black 'hole' of the guitar shows through the flesh colored hand.  What to do?  Not sure.  Did not notice it until everything was ironed down good! Also when steam pressing the sticky stabilizer, "Steam a Seam", my pressing cloth evidently had something on it.  When I took away the cloth, I had some light, reddish-orange streaks on the face!!  URGH!  Had to fiddle with the hairline to cover some of it.  Also when I embroider the eyes, it should cover a little more.  No matter what,  I guess this little cowboy will have a bit of dirt on his face. :(  The applique is now ready for stitching down but I have been waiting for my new Juki and that obviously was a big delay.  Hopefully now, I will have  some time to practice first with the different stitches and then full steam ahead on the quilt!

How is your week been going?


karenfae said...

so glad you got your new machine and that it is new as it should be.

Linda Coleman said...

Yippeeee Linda, so glad you got your NEW machine and that now you can play. Love the cowboy, my mother in law always said of my kids, "mucky kids are happy kids" so your slightly (and I mean very very slightly) dirty faced cowboy will be one very happy cowboy.
Best wishes

Stray Stitches said...

I'm so glad that you finally received a NEW machine! It's terrible that they put you through so much before sending you the new one.
Your little cowboy looks adorable. Have fun with the new machine!!

Madame Samm said...

LUV machine. LUVVVVVVVVVVVVV the cowboy..quite impressive to say the least x